Kid whose Michigan T-shirt was banned at school gets VIP treatment at Wolverines game

All's well that ends well for Cooper Barton.

You may remember Barton, the 5-year-old boy forced to turn a Michigan T-shirt inside out at his Oklahoma elementary school earlier this year for violating a dress code banning all college apparel unless it was from one of the Oklahoma schools. Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon took up Barton's cause, supporting his support of the Wolverines.

Barton didn't just get a nice 15 minutes of fame at an early age, he got a pretty sweet trip out of the deal too.

Brandon invited Barton and his family to last Saturday's game against Massachusetts, where he was walked on the field during the first quarter and sat in Brandon's 50-yard-line suite. Barton even got an impromptu press conference during the day, and one-upped Denard Robinson's claim that he could beat Usain Bolt in a race.

"I think I could beat (Robinson) in a race" Barton said, according to the Ann Arbor News. "Because I'm this fast."

Barton got a fun trip to a Michigan game and saw his Wolverines win, and he also got some nice Michigan gear that he can wear proudly to school because Oklahoma City Public Schools have suspended the dress code in question as the policy is examined.

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