A kid dressed up as Kliff Kingsbury and it was as glorious as you would expect (Photo)

Nick Bromberg

Talk about a missed opportunity. If we were true entrepreneurs, we would have started making Kliff Kingsbury Halloween costume sets and shipping them to Texas. He may be the most popular person to dress up as in the state.

However, the quality of our potential business venture would not have topped the attention to detail of this kid's Kingsbury costume. Look at that, right down to the Under Armour logo and the clipboard.

He even has the GQ pout going. Well done, kid.

Yeah, Texas Tech lost to Oklahoma over the weekend, but we don't think that it'll deter many Kingsbury lookalikes. Besides, after the game, Oklahoma even had to fire a shot across the bow on Twitter about Kingsbury's looks (that was subsequently deleted). When you've got perennial powers crowing like that after a home win, you know you've become a big deal.

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