Kid who beat brain cancer has advice for his favorite team: ‘Fire Mack Brown!’

Dr. Saturday

In Texas, there are priorities, then there are priorities that involve Longhorns football.

Nolan Conaway, a 14-year-old from Cypress, Texas has had a tough year. He had a golf-ball sized tumor removed from his brain. He had 29 chemotherapy sessions. He had a part of his skull removed and replaced with a custom implant. And now, thankfully, he is cancer free.

When asked by KHOU-TV, the CBS affiliate in Houston, about his beloved Longhorns football team (his bedroom is painted burnt orange and white, the television station said), the kid who beat cancer had a message.

"Fire Mack Brown!” he joked to KHOU-TV.

This story might make a great Make-A-Wish Foundation event, with Conaway taking athletic director DeLoss Dodds' job for a day so he can pink slip the Texas' head coach.

We're very glad Conaway pulled through his horrible ordeal and is doing well. It's nice to know that the young man is feeling well enough to be so passionate about his favorite football team too.

And we also think even Brown would get a chuckle out of hearing the story. He's used to criticism from everyone after all, even from 14-year-old cancer survivors.

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