Khaki sales in Ann Arbor rise after Jim Harbaugh's arrival

When it was becoming apparent Jim Harbaugh was heading to Michigan, Dockers wanted the cheap-khaki-wearing coach to know it made officially licensed Michigan pants. Well, Dockers and other companies that make khaki pants are in the midst of a mini-boom in Ann Arbor, Mich., and it's not from the coach himself.

People around Michigan are apparently wanting to emulate Harbaugh and the volume of pants sales has increased since he was introduced as Michigan's coach last week.

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From the New York Times:

Scott Hirth, an owner of M-Den, the university’s official merchandise retailer, said it saw increased sales of all khakis in its Ann Arbor stores this week (it sells both pleated and flat-front versions, as well as Dockers with a block M stitched into the back pocket for $70). “Let’s just say we sold way more khakis than your normal Monday,” Mr. Hirth said just before leaving to deliver boxes of khakis to its concession stand at Crisler Arena, where the basketball game was soon to begin.

Another store even has a mannequin dressed as Harbaugh in the window. Auburn coach Gus Malzahn was a popular man in the south to be for Halloween, but the guess here is that Harbaugh will be even more popular in Michigan this year.

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