Kevin Sumlin bans cameras from the locker room after his amazing celebration (VIDEO)

Excuse us one second while Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin shares his thoughts on the Aggies' come-from-behind win against Ole Miss.

Wow, that was fantastic.

Can you blame Sumlin for wanting to have his own little jump around party? The Aggies were trailing by 10 with seven minutes remaining and miraculously came back to win 30-27. It was the greatest SEC win in Sumlin's short tenure.

Unfortunately for us, Sumlin was a little embarrassed by his raucous celebration and has since banned cameras from the locker room. I think it's important to note that the video came from Texas A&M's own YouTube channel.

"There won't be anymore cameras in the locker room," Sumlin said. "That's not going to happen again. But you got to remember 20 minutes before that we were losing by 10 points … It's OK to celebrate."

Booo, Kevin Sumlin. Don't be ashamed to celebrate. If you should be ashamed of anything, it's that you were celebrating a win over Ole Miss. And quite honestly, this isn't even close to the most embarrassing thing Texas A&M has posted on YouTube in the past year.

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