Kentucky RB Jojo Kemp guarantees his team will score against Alabama

If there’s one thing we all learned in the days leading up to the Alabama-Ole Miss game, it was not to poke the bear.

Apparently, Kentucky running back Jojo Kemp didn’t get the message.

Kemp guaranteed his 1-4 Kentucky team would score against Alabama this weekend. Yes, guaranteed.

Let’s flash back to two weeks ago when Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace claimed his receivers were better than Texas A&M’s and would have more success than the Aggies, which scored 42 on the Tide.

However, Wallace’s words became fuel for Alabama’s underrated defense and they blanked the Rebels 25-0. In that game, Ole Miss had 205 yards and two turnovers. Wallace was sacked twice, including one for a safety.

In fact, since Alabama’s game against Texas A&M, it’s allowed just nine total points. Granted, two of those games were against Colorado State and Georgia State.

Still, Kemp should have taken a cue from those teams and relayed nothing but respect for the two-time national champions. That way, at least, the Wildcats would have a chance to sneak up on the Tide.

Now that Kemp has poked the bear, Kentucky’s already slim chances of making this a game have decreased significantly.

While we all appreciate Kemp’s confidence in his team, he probably should have kept his thoughts to himself.

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H/T CN2 for the video

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