Keith Olbermann includes person who dumped cremated remains on Pat Dye Field among ‘worst person in the sports world’ list with Nick Saban (Video)

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Of all the things that have come from the miraculous finish in the Iron Bowl last Saturday, one of the more intriguing tidbits came from a tweet from the Auburn Turf Team. The tweet showed that someone dumped a loved one’s cremated remains on Pat Dye Field.

There are a few ways to react to this.

You can be touched (and impressed) that someone would follow through with the wishes of the deceased individual and presumably bring an urn (or other cremated human carrying device) into the stadium before sneaking onto the field to do the deed.

Or you can think the gesture is a completely over-the-top.

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann’s fell in the second category, and on his show he named the person who dumped the ashes as one of the worst three people in the sports world on Monday.

That might be a bit harsh, Keith.

Later in the segment, Olbermann also chastised Alabama coach Nick Saban for throwing his team under the bus after the loss to Auburn.

“I think that was the lowest class thing I’ve seen in college football in decades,” Olbermann said.

To me, what Saban said doesn’t sound a whole lot different than what Saban says after most games – win or loss. But what do I know?

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