Katherine Webb. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Louie Anderson. And a Harlem Shake video. Discuss

Dr. Saturday

Combine a celebrity diving show and an odd internet meme dance craze, and you have the video on the top of this post.

And also, if you've fantasized about seeing Katherine Webb whipping her hair back and forth, well, today is your lucky day partner.

What we have above is the stars of ABC's "Splash," the latest celebrity diving show (yes, latest), doing the Harlem Shake. We still don't quite get it, and if there's anything that might signal the end, it could be Louie Anderson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in a Darth Vader mask (which we'd seen before and could not figure out, shoulda known it was Harlem Shake related!), Alabama fan extraordinaire Webb and various others (Louie Anderson! Nicole Eggert from "Charles in Charge"! Ndamukong Suh!) busting out the shake.

Ahhh, the offseason. And, just for kicks, here's what we can expect from Kareem on the show:

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