Katherine Webb apparently is pretty good at diving, gets first perfect 10 on “Splash”

If you didn't watch "Splash" on ABC tonight, well, you know we've got your back.

Miss Alabama/AJ McCarron girlfriend/Brent Musburger crush Katherine Webb is on the show, so we'll sit through sideline interviews with Melissa Joan Hart (am I throwing that out as a joke because it's too ridiculous to believe, or did that really happen? You don't know for sure, do you?) to bring you the news.

Well, we don't know much about diving, so bear with us. But Webb and her partner did a dive from 33 feet. Webb's partner held her over his head, and they both dove into the water. Webb's dive looked a little belly floppish, but Louie Anderson said "Oh my God" about 14 times so it must have been good.

One of the judges announced he gave Webb and partner Drake Bell a 10 by unbuttoning his shirt to show a "10" written on his torso (and thank goodness someone had a perfect dive, because we'd hate for that surprise to go to waste), and the other judge gave an 8.5. It was the first perfect 10 on the show, which is in its third week.

The dive is apparently called "the javelin," according to the Columbus Ledger-Enuirer. It looked like this:

Then they fell 33 feet into the water. And Louie Anderson thought it was all kinds of awesome, sideline reporter Joey Lawrence (whoa!) asked Webb and Bell questions about it and then some judge ripped open his shirt. So there you go.

"Splash" teased that on next week's show the contestants will have to do a flip as part of their dive. Exciting stuff, really. Can't wait to see Louie Anderson's reaction to that. Well, Webb obviously wasn't eliminated, so we'll let you know how it goes next week. Unless you're already watching the show every week, which of course you are.

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