Kansas unveils 'Crimson Chrome' uniforms (Video)

Kansas is going chrome in 2014.

The school teased "Crimson Chrome" uniforms the team will wear at some point this fall. The uniforms are all-red and feature a chrome helmet with an oversized Jayhawk logo.

While chrome helmets are quickly becoming an overused trend, it's not one of the two weird things about the uniform. First, the jerseys would look a lot better without the Jayhawk logo on the shoulderpads. It looks awkward and out of place, don't you think? Numbers or even nothing at all would be a better choice. Second, the Jayhawk isn't exactly the best logo for an oversized helmet logo, right?

You want a logo that looks somewhat scary and awesome. Nothing against the Jayhawk, but is a giant cartoon bird a good look like that on a helmet?

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