Kansas pulling out the stops, runs a nice fake punt against Kansas State (VIDEO)

Charlie Weis and the Kansas staff deserve some credit for a fake punt that took advantage of Kansas State's tendencies.

Kansas - which had to take some chances as a significant underdog against Kansas State - had to have seen on film that the Wildcats don't keep enough players near the line of scrimmage on punts. While some fakes like this are on the punter, who can take off on his discretion when he sees no defenders in front of him, this seems like a set play, based on how the protectors set out to block the stray Kansas State defenders who didn't bail out to set up the blocking on the return. Just a good job of coaching and executing.

Kansas was competitive in the first half, trailing just 21-14 at halftime. We'll see if Weis has more tricks left in the bag for the second half.

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