Kansas fans tear down Memorial Stadium goal post after Royals victory

One of the goal posts at the University of Kansas has finally come down thanks to a win — a Royals’ World Series win.

Police are searching for some over-exuberant vandals who broke down the gates of Kansas’ Memorial Stadium, took down one of the goal posts and then tossed it in Potter Lake.

"They did about $6,000 in damage to the gate, and about $4,500 to the goal posts, so more than $10,000 in damage was done," Capt. James Anguiano told the Lawrence Journal-World.

The last time the goals posts at Memorial Stadium came down was last November when the Jayhawks beat 2-7 Iowa State. At the time, some Kansas players supported the idea.

Well, since there have been no Kansas wins this year, this must have been the next best thing.

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