The K-State Mask chases down and chastises Jayhawk … or rooster, whatever (VIDEO)

The K-State Mask, a Kansas State fan who strikes a fascinating balance between self-aware comedy and absolute craziness, is at it again.

He has posted videos before the Wildcats' games this year, and this week's "inspirational" video for the Kansas game features him chasing down a rooster dressed as a Jayhawk. Then he spends the last few minutes of the video yelling at the rooster/Jayhawk about how Kansas State is going to beat KU on Saturday. Like we said, it's a great mix of humorous and frightening. If that video doesn't get you excited for that game, we're not sure what will.

If Charlie Weis doesn't like those pesky student reporters who think Kansas State might win, he's surely not a fan of The K-State Mask.

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