Jose Canseco would like to be considered to replace Mack Brown at Texas

Dr. Saturday

How powerful of a recruiting tool are goats? Texas would find out if it hired Jose Canseco.

The former slugger and current attention-seeker campaigned for the head coaching job at Texas on Twitter Sunday, but not before offering a hug to Mack Brown, who resigned at UT on Saturday evening. Then it was on.

Oh do you, Jose? Let's go.

We're ready.

This a noble bout of coachspeak right here. Jose is getting started on the right note. However, Jackson Jeffcoat may take umbrage with his diss of the lines. He was pretty good this year.

Wait, I thought you said you knew football better than baseball, Jose? You just made Texas fans throw up in their mouths. Can you recover from this?

Oh, no, you can't. Bonus points for the Vince Young reference, but you don't go disparaging the McCoys. The Shipleys are going to come after you for this one.

Is this about Art Briles? Or his son Kendal Briles? Or just the entire Baylor staff in particular?

This isn't the first time that Jose has campaigned for a high-profile job. In January, he claimed to want to be the Toronto Mayor, and well, we see how much of a circus that has become. Hell, we've seen how much of a circus Texas has become. In either case, would Canseco really make it that much worse even if he can't mayor or coach?

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