Jordan Webb was Colorado’s hero, but he nearly fumbled on the goal line

Quarterback Jordan Webb was the hero of Colorado's 35-34 win against Washington State on Saturday, but he just as easily could have been the reason the Buffs lost.

With nine seconds remaining, Webb scored the game-winning touchdown on a quarterback keeper that he actually called at the line of scrimmage after reading the defense. The call was the right decision as Webb basically walked the ball into the end zone. However, several replays from several different angles show that Webb nearly fumbled the ball as he was crossing the goal line.

Maybe it was the excitement of Colorado's first win, maybe it was the excitement of Webb winning his first start in 13 tries, maybe it was the excitement of nothing but open space; whatever it was, Webb, who had no one around him, briefly lost the ball and then regained it quickly as he waltzed into the end zone.

Yep, he was a millisecond from potentially snatching defeat from the hands of victory.

And let's be honest, had Webb lost the ball and perhaps the game, it would have been the most Colorado thing ever.

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