Joker Phillips turns his players into clowns and OC Brent Pease into Tom Cruise (Photos)

Monday tends to mean it’s time for Joker Phillips latest creepy Photoshop effort.

Yes, this is becoming a weekly segment.

This week, Phillips, Florida’s wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator, takes the comic book version of the Joker and surrounds him with clown heads that will no doubt haunt your dreams tonight. Each of the heads is tattooed with a number. Yep, wide receivers Trey Burton, Quinton Dunbar, Andre Dubose and Letroy Pittman were all immortalized in Phillips’ latest Photoshop creation

Lucky, lucky, lucky.

What is Phillips' message here? He has four clowns for receivers and so he needs new ones? That's what it looks like.

But those four receivers weren’t the only ones given a creative and creepy shoutout. The head of offensive coordinator Brent Pease was Photoshopped onto the body of 1986 Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

These Photoshops are definitely on the Highway to the Danger Zone.

See what I did there? I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

Gotta admit, I look forward to Phillips’ Photoshops every week even if they are a twisted look into his tortured soul.

According to site Inside The Gators, Florida has nine commitments for the 2014 class, including six four-star recruits. However, no five-star recruits have been captivated yet by Phillips’ Photoshopping skills. That just means we can expect more Photoshop projects in the near future.

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