Joker Phillips is really digging this whole “Joker” photoshop thing

At some point, Joe Phillips started going by the nickname Joker. And now, Joker Phillips is creeping everyone out by posting Photoshopped pictures on Twitter of the Joker from the Batman movies wearing Florida gear.

Phillips, formerly the coach at Kentucky and now the receivers coach at Florida, started doing the whole Joker/Joker thing a few weeks ago. pitching #comeplaywrforthejoker. And he kept on Photoshopping Twitter messages to future recruits.

And now he's like an offensive lineman at a buffet: He just can't stop himself.


OK Joker, we get it. You got a Groupon for a Photoshop class and now we all have to suffer.

Why couldn't Coach Phillips have been given a nickname that produced more visually pleasing Photoshop tricks? Like "Cute Puppies" Phillips, or "Kate Upton" Phillips? We would all have been much better off. As it stands, we'll wait for Phillips' next frightening Twitter message.

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