Johnny Manziel tweets he ‘can’t wait to leave College Station’

Here we thought Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was too busy attending the NBA Finals to be harassed in College Station.

Apparently something happened in the early morning hours on Sunday to tweet – with an expletive – that he was very ready to be done with his college experience at Texas A&M. He has since deleted the tweet but it was grabbed by a few of his 360,000 followers, including @tverdeur04 (link has uncensored tweet), which we saw via the Houston Chronicle:

He had a seemingly related tweet that he did not delete:

We don't know what set off the angry tweets, and we won't take an early-morning message to mean anything more than temporary frustration. It's not exactly a formal declaration that he's leaving for the NFL draft early or anything. But Manziel's life at Texas A&M has to be pretty unusual.

We've written about how he didn't feel he could take classes on campus in the spring, but also about how he appeared to be having a great time taking pictures with fellow students one night out around school.

He has a level of celebrity that would be hard to match for any current college student, and at times apparently feels it's too much. And he doesn't mind expressing it on social media, either.

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