Johnny Manziel says he doesn’t have a Longhorns tattoo, then gets into it with angry fans

We saw the Johnny Manziel photo making the rounds on the Internet yesterday, with the supposed tattoo of the Longhorns logo on his ribcage. Something about it looked off, and sure enough, the Texas A&M quarterback stepped in to set the record straight.

OK then. And that should put a cap on that, nothing else to see here ... Wait, what's Manziel posting now?

Oh boy. And there were more.

So there you have it, when keeping it real on Twitter goes wrong, the Heisman version.

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It's no fun to deal with Twitter trolls, and nobody should have to be harassed in any venue. It says something about society that an innocuous comment saying the tattoo in the picture was fake (or the picture was fake) leads to bitter, angry insults. Still, firing back at the insults with mom jokes and "you suck" probably isn't the best idea for the biggest star in college football. It wouldn't be too surprising to see Manziel stay away from social media after a while. At least he wouldn't have to deal with people who have misplaced anger issues towards someone they (likely) don't know and want to agitate someone famous from a safe distance. It's unfortunate Manziel has to deal with that at all.

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