Why did the NCAA remove the player search function from its online store?

Dr. Saturday

So you want to buy some Johnny Manziel Texas A&M gear? It's not hard. Until Tuesday afternoon (when the NCAA removed the function), all you had to do is head to ShopNCAAsports.com, type "Manziel" in the search bar and BOOM! you'd get this:

That image comes courtesy of ESPN's Jay Bilas, who took to Twitter to expose the hypocrisy that is the NCAA. Manziel can't profit off his name, but the NCAA sure can. They can also profit off Jadeveon Clowney, even if you spell it "Jadeavon Clowney":

Strangely enough, the NCAA removed the search function from its website shortly after Bilas pointed out this logical inconsistency. As always, the NCAA does what it pleases, and it doesn't owe you an explanation. Or, if you're an athlete, a cut of its revenue.

And just in case you thought they were profiting off generic wearers of the No. 2s and No. 7s, there's this:

Yes, the NCAA is selling "No Heisman Without The Man" shirts using Johnny Manziel's name in the description – link here, for as long as it lasts – but no Johnny Manziel can't make a buck off the sale of his own name and, indeed, could end up losing the rest of his college eligibility if reports are true that he were paid for signing autographs.

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