Johnny Manziel rooting for the Ducks, and has to explain himself to Kansas State fans

Johnny Manziel is probably going to do well to ignore his mentions on Twitter in the future.

The Texas A&M quarterback is relatively new to social media, and he'll learn that especially with more than 180,000 followers, saying something very innocuous like his rooting interest for Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl is going to draw some pretty rough comments.

Nothing too unusual about that. Manziel originally committed to Oregon before deciding on Texas A&M instead. He probably has friends there from his recruiting visits. Makes sense.

Well, some Kansas State fans took this as a slight (and we say some because it's not fair to blame the entire fanbase). Some offered some language that we don't want to repeat on a family blog like this, many saying he wasn't as good as Wildcats quarterback Collin Klein, among other things. And the trolls got the Heisman winner's attention.

And then that led to this ...

And then Manziel's explanation for his initial tweet (not that it was necessary):

So that was that. This is what happens when someone famous like Manziel checks his mentions. It's not always going to be pretty.

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