Johnny Manziel presents David Letterman’s Top 10 list (VIDEO)

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Johnny Manziel already had the Heisman Trophy, the unending devotion of Texas A&M fans and a model girlfriend, and then he got to appear on the "Late Show with David Letterman" on Monday.

We've mentioned it's pretty good to be Johnny Football, right?

Manziel got to present Letterman's time-honored Top 10 list, the "Top Ten Perks of Winning the Heisman Trophy."

Manziel, appearing in a tuxedo, had some banter with Letterman before presenting the list.

"If I were you, here's what I'd do -- I'd quit the team, I'd leave college, and I'd open up a Dairy Queen," Letterman joked with him.

Manziel didn't talk to the media until very late in the season, so we don't know a ton about his personality, like we do with someone like Manti Te'o. But he came off well in the Letterman appearance and was given some funny lines (No. 4: "I'll probably be the only Heisman winner at my high school reunion") during the appearance.

Manziel also had a more serious appearance on "CBS This Morning," where he talked about football, including whether he'll play out his college career (he has to play at least one more year) or go to the NFL early.

"If that's—it will all be a decision that will be made down the road sometime. If the NFL does call, then you have to look at that," Manziel told CBS.

Manziel also talked about his size not being a detriment ("You don't have to be 6-5 and be a great pocket passer," he said. "You can be like RG3 and Russell Wilson and have some mobility and have some success") and thinking about the risk of injury with his style.

"I do," Manziel told CBS. "There's a time when you need to know to get what you can get and try to be as smart as possible. You can't protect yourself every single time. If you look at Michael Vick, he takes a lot of shots and there's probably times where he should just know when you cut your losses, you get what you can get and you get down."

Pretty soon it will be back to normal for Manziel, at least as normal as it can be for him as a superstar at Texas A&M. He does have a Cotton Bowl game to prepare for at some point.

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