Johnny Manziel has Oregon Duck Nike shoes (Photo)

Johnny Manziel has Oregon Duck Nike shoes (Photo)
Johnny Manziel has Oregon Duck Nike shoes (Photo)

Late last week, Johnny Manziel showed off some green kicks with the cartoon Oregon Duck logo on them. No, Texas A&M fans, you don't have to worry about Manziel suddenly abandoning the school he started at quarterback for the past two seasons.

Those fears should simply be allayed with the presence of "Johnny Football"and the Texas A&M logo on the inside of the tongue of Manziel's shoes. If he was looking to cheat on A&M, he probably would want to get as far away from the nickname and logo, right?

Earlier in March, Manziel signed an endorsement deal with Nike for his pro career, so maybe this is simply a hazing ritual that every Nike client has to go through after signing with Phil Knight's company? The Nike founder and chairman famously went to Oregon. Plus, A&M is an Adidas school. When it comes to shoe and apparel company wars, you can always get a poke in.

And as Oregon Live notes, Manziel and Oregon QB Marcus Mariota have become friends. While Manziel elected to leave A&M after his redshirt sophomore season for the NFL draft, Mariota announced he'd stay in school for his senior season. (We'd also be remiss in mentioning that Manziel was also once an Oregon recruit.)

Whatever the reason for the shoes, we're now hoping that Manziel has custom shoes like this for whatever team ends up drafting him in May. If he becomes a member of the Cleveland Browns, a pair of orange ones would really stand out, don't you think?

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