Johnny Manziel goes out at Texas A&M and women everywhere flock to him

Busted Coverage pointed out that Johnny Manziel went out for some fun on Tuesday night, and if social media tells us anything about it, he's living the life most red-blooded American men dream of.

This round of Johnny Football on social media won't create any controversy (he's not doing anything in the pictures we saw but smiling and hugging), unless there's some NCAA rule against taking fan pictures with pretty girls all night around College Station. A quick search of Instagram and Twitter finds a nice trail of how Manziel's night went:

So, for the record, Manziel took a photo with at least 15 smiling females last night. And those are just the ones that were posted online that we could find easily or that Broken Coverage pointed out first. We'd bet there's more.

Oh, and Manziel broke his self-ban on Twitter to send out a bad Drake lyric that has since been deleted but lives on in the retweet world:

Might want to reimpose the ban.

If the pictures weren't proof enough, there were also excited tweets from a few fans who had a chance to encounter the Heisman winner.

The whole thing is pretty awesome. First, it's great that Manziel took so many pictures with fans. Manziel didn't have to be so gracious during his night out, but it's great that he was. One fan, Emma Boyle (in the pink sash, third picture from the top), said on Twitter it was her 21st birthday and she was thankful Manziel took a picture with her. That's a pretty fun birthday surprise. We're sure of the however many people that took pictures with Manziel on Tuesday night, it was a pretty memorable experience. Pretty cool of Manziel to play along.

Manziel gets a lot of publicity for his escapades, which seem to always find their way to the Internet, but most of them are in the spirit of a young guy enjoying college. A young guy who happens to be the most famous player in college football. But there's nothing wrong with enjoying life. So keep doing what you do, Johnny. It seems he's spreading his cheer to just about everyone who comes in contact with him, too.

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