Johnny Manziel couldn't say who he had atop his Heisman ballot (VIDEO)

Dr. Saturday

Did Johnny Manziel vote for himself for the Heisman? He can't reveal just yet who he did vote for.

Manziel was asked about his ballot on the Dan Patrick Show. Patrick, who is also a Heisman voter, hypothesized that Manziel voted himself third. But both can't reveal their answers. The Heisman Trust asked all voters to keep their votes confidential.

Risking losing a Heisman vote would not be a good idea, especially for the reigning champion.

Manziel also said that the Miami Heat's LeBron James has been a friend of his and has texted encouragement to him daily, telling him to stay focused, especially as Manziel's whereabouts were news in the offseason and then when the allegations of autograph payments surfaced.

"He's a guy that texts me every day just to make sure that I was staying focused and focused on what really matters," Manziel said. "That my teammates, my family and my coaches were going to be the people who were going to be there for me at that time."

The entire interview is worth a listen. Would Manziel leave school if he didn't grade out as a first round pick? He said he didn't know and he'd have to discuss it with his family.

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