John L. Smith knows exactly how to get Arkansas motivated (VIDEO)

Dr. Saturday

In an otherwise depressing Alabama-Arkansas game (if you're an Arkansas fan, of course), Arkansas coach John L. Smith did his best to lighten things up.

During his halftime interview, Smith was asked: "This team has had a tough week, though. How do you make sure they keep their heads up?"

And Smith answered in only a way that John L. Smith could:

"You slap 'em and say, 'C'mon baby, keep your head up.'"

While it sounds good in theory, it didn't appear to be the motivational speech the Razorbacks needed.

After Arkansas trailed 24-0 at halftime, Alabama came out and scored on its first possession of the second half, forced a fumble on the ensuing kickoff and then scored on the first play of the next offensive series.

Might want to rethink your halftime strategy there, John L.

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