John L. Smith continues to get piled on

Dr. Saturday

John L. Smith isn't having the best September. His Arkansas team lost to Louisiana-Monroe. Then the Razorbacks lost to Alabama. His attempts to make everyone more upbeat made him look a little batty.

And now the Arkansas coach has signs mocking him. posted a picture from Matt & Terry Auto Sales in Joplin, Mo., which is about 90 minutes from Fayetteville, claiming "I BET PETRINO SCORED ON SATURDAY," a two birds/one stone rip on Arkansas' 52-0 loss to Alabama last week and disgraced former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino's offseason faux pas.

And not to pile on some more, but USA Today Sports reports that Smith owes $25 million, according to court filings. Smith filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy this month.

So if Smith can tell us all to smile with everything going on in his life, perhaps we owe it to the guy.

H/T to Lost Lettermen

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