Jimmy Kimmel explains his ‘Worst Contest Ever’ leading up to the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

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As the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl is approaching, late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel is stockpiling Tostitos tortilla chips from around the globe.

Earlier this month, Kimmel partnered with Tostitos and unveiled his self-titled “Worst Contest Ever” where he asked fans to send in one chip – just one – from a bag of Tostitos to his P.O. Box. He would then compile the chips in a bowl and eat them during the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl between Baylor and Central Florida on New Years Day.

The goal of the contest was for Kimmel and Tostitos to bring the party to the fans in attendance and watching at home.

"When I receive your chip, that chip will go into a bowl." Kimmel explained in the video. "That bowl will sit on a table directly in front of me at my house. The more chips that make it into the bowl, the more chips I will have. And on the day of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, who knows, maybe I will eat your chip."

Kimmel took a few minutes to chat with Dr. Saturday and explain the thinking behind the “Worst Contest Ever.”

“I have a lot of stupid ideas and in this case I pitched it to Tostitos and to my surprise we went ahead with it,” Kimmel told Yahoo Sports Dr. Saturday. “I’m always amused by the contests that run during these big sporting events that these companies come up with. They always seem so complicated and I’ve never met anybody who’s ever won any of them and really, it’s just about promoting the product. So, I thought it would be funny to have a contest that had no actual prize.”

Kimmel said he was surprised at the response that he’s gotten from the contest as his P.O. Box has been flooded with chips. And Kimmel said he has every intention of following through on his promise to eat the chips.

“Let me tell you a little something about myself, “Kimmel said. “When I worked at KROQ radio, I was the sports guy there, I worked with a guy named Bean of Kevin and Bean. He’s a vegetarian and we’d order McDonalds and he’d pull the bacon off of his egg McMuffin and I’d usually eat the bacon off his egg McMuffin. So, I’m not sure why, but one morning I announced that one year from today I will eat this bacon. I nailed it to the wall of our office, it hung there for one year, and one year to that day, I ate that piece of bacon.

“And then went into a series of imagined physical reactions that were brought on by listeners all calling and telling me I was going to get trichinosis. So, I will put almost anything in my mouth.”

While Kimmel sitting in his house eating a bowl of chips might seem like an anticlimactic ending to the “Worst Contest Ever,” he promises a grand finale for those who tune in during the broadcast.

"It’s a surprise how we’ll end this contest, but I think it’s satisfying,” Kimmel said.

Keep reading Dr. Saturday through the Fiesta Bowl for exclusive clips and quotes from Kimmel and the “Worst Contest Ever.”

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