Jimbo Fisher takes a shot at the Big 12 and the Big 12 fires back

Jimbo Fisher takes a shot at the Big 12 and the Big 12 fires back
Jimbo Fisher takes a shot at the Big 12 and the Big 12 fires back

As college football starts this new era that will culminate in the first-ever College Football Playoff, coaches are already making their case for why their conference is stronger than another conference in an effort to mark their territory in the upcoming standings.

Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher was the first to lift his leg saying that he thought every conference should play a championship game.

“I think every conference should have to have (a conference championship game),” Fisher said. “We got a championship where not everyone plays the same number of games and does the same things. I think it's ridiculous.”

Of course, that was a direct shot at the Big 12, a conference with just 10 teams and the only one of the five power conferences without a championship. Instead, the conference plays every other member.

,p>Baylor coach Art Briles, who was alerted to Fisher’s comments during Big 12 media days on Monday, wasn’t exactly thrilled.

The only thing that would have made Briles' comment better was if Briles was wearing a “Don’t Mess With Texas” T-shirt instead of the stylish Kliff Kingsbury-like black V-neck.

But Briles wasn’t the only one to chime in. Even former Florida State quarterback Clint Trickett, who is now at West Virginia, had a quip for his former coach.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said multiple times Monday morning that he had no problem with his conference not playing a championship game. Some might even contend that since Big 12 teams play every other team in the conference, their schedule is actually more difficult.

,p>I’ll let you all debate that little nugget amongst yourselves.

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