Jimbo Fisher says FSU wanted to play a team from the SEC and was hoping for Alabama (Video)

Florida State really wanted to play an SEC team in the BCS Championship Game and according to coach Jimbo Fisher, the Seminoles were hoping it was Alabama.

Fisher told that to the Florida State softball team when he was speaking to them before NCAA Super Regionals.

"I didn't want to be in the SEC and win a championship... I wanted to be in the ACC and win (a national title)," Fisher said. "I wanted to break that mold. I wanted to play. We were begging to play an SEC team and we were hoping it was Alabama."

The topic came up because no ACC team has ever won an NCAA softball title. Alabama won in 2012 and the tournament has historically been dominated by Pac-12 and western teams. The Seminoles softball team played Michigan on Thursday in the first game of a three-game series and lost 17-3.

Are Fisher's words a slight to Auburn? No, not really. What team had won three of the four previous BCS Championships during the SEC's period of BCS dominance? Alabama. What team was considered (along with Florida State) for most of the season as the best team in the country in 2014? Alabama. It's a takeoff on the adage "to be the best, you have to beat the best."

And Auburn did that in the Iron Bowl on Chris Davis' field goal return, so Florida State drew the Tigers. If it was Auburn who was in Alabama's position and the Crimson Tide was the team pulling off the miracle win, Fisher, a former Auburn and LSU assistant, would be saying the same thing about Auburn.

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