Jimbo Fisher's postgame advice to Jameis Winston included 'humble, humble pie'

Jameis Winston and Jimbo Fisher embraced on the field following Florida State's 31-27 win against Notre Dame. As the two were together, microphones picked up the advice that Fisher gave his star quarterback.

ESPN had thrown the coverage down to the field to Tom Rinaldi for an interview with Fisher. The embrace between Winston and coach happened before the interview could begin, as Winston shouted "Let's enjoy this one right here, let's enjoy this one right here, baby. Let's go."

"Now here's what you've got to do," Fisher said into Winston's ear. "Calm down, don't give them ...  act very passive right here and get people back on your side. Do you understand what I'm telling you? Humble, humble pie. You got me?"

Winston responded "I got you," to which Fisher replied "Don't get cranked up" before fireworks drowned out the end of their conversation.

Rinaldi asked Fisher what he said to Winston.

"To understand what he did and just how special he is," Fisher said. "And the relationship he and I have, the relationship he has with the team and what he represents and to carry himself with class and dignity."

Winston has come under scrutiny again amidst the reported discovery of over 2,000 signed items on a memorabilia authentication website. Florida State said it is looking into the signatures and has no proof that WInston took any money for his autographs, an NCAA violation. Winston was also suspended for a game earlier this season for shouting an obscene phrase in the student union and suspended from the baseball team this spring after receiving a citation for shoplifting seafood at a grocery store.

Last Friday, Winston was notified of a university disciplinary hearing and possible code of conduct charges relating to allegations of sexual assault against him in December 2012. While Winston was not charged with a crime due to lack of evidence in the case, by rule, the school is required to investigate all reports of sexual assault.

Plus, reports emerged Friday that Florida State officials received police reports from the alleged sexual assault before a Florida State attorney did and that Tallahassee police have a history of being lenient to Florida State football players. Fisher used the platform after beating No. 5 Notre Dame to defend his program once again, saying it was run with class and dignity.

"The heart and discipline in that room. There's character, there's heart, there's a team full of great kids. It's a high character program that's ran the right way on class, on dignity, in the classroom, on the field and off the field and this team shows it.

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