Jim Mora apologizes and laughs off his rant about a Twitter imposter posing as one of his players

UCLA coach Jim Mora felt a little embarrassed Wednesday after reading his comments Tuesday regarding a Twitter imposter who tried to add fuel to the rivalry between UCLA and USC.

The imposter, who was posing as UCLA safety Randall Goforth, sent out multiple tweets to USC receivers Robert Woods and Marqise Lee on Monday evening, started a bit of a Twitter war and fired up Mora in the process.

"Obviously, I overreacted," Mora said Wednesday. "Obviously, I don't want the guy in jail. It made good headlines, I guess. I looked at it and go 'You're just an idiot,' but I'm good for something stupid said every once in a while, as we all know."

During his Tuesday rant, Mora called the imposter a "scumbag" and a "coward" and also invited the imposter to "bring his ass out here" to the Bruins practice field.

The account has since been shut down and Mora said he called USC coach Lane Kiffin to smooth over any hard feelings that might have been generated by the imposter.

While Mora regrets some of the words he chose in the heat of the moment, he doesn't regret going to bat for one of his players.

"These guys, right now, I feel like they're my kids. So when someone attacks you're kids, you get angry," Mora said. "You get attached to these kids, you just do. You pour your heart into it and at times it's hard to control your emotions. We have to work at it, but it's not easy."

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