Jim Harbaugh posts 'invite' to other coaches to attend camp

Oh Jim Harbaugh, your Twitter game is superb.

After the drama surrounding satellite football camps this week, the Michigan coach took to Twitter on Friday morning to post a "letter" to coaches of all rival schools. Behold its wonder.

Michigan is hosting nine camps in seven states this summer.

The best thing about this letter is that if it wasn't written by Harbaugh, he had a ghostwriter who really knows his style. The all-caps spellings of "UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN FOOTBALL CAMP," "AMERICA" and the random capitalizing of in-sentence words are peak Harbaugh.

Hopefully this is taken as nothing more than a joke by SEC coaches who aren't too fond of the loophole allowing other coaches to coach at camps further than 50 miles away from their campuses (SEC coaches are banned from doing so by the conference). Or if it isn't, one or two should show up just to prove that they were paying attention to Harbaugh's invite. That may be even funnier.

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