Jerry Sandusky’s wife tries to run down a reporter with her car

This time, it was the wife of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky who was nearly flagged for illegal contact in the latest odd twist of the disturbing story.

Dottie Sandusky, wife of a man who has been accused of multiple counts of sexual misconduct with young boys, took out some of her frustrations on unsuspecting reporters who were trying to do a report near the Sanduskys' driveway.

WPXI reporter Courtney Brennan and a photographer went to the Sandusky home Thursday, a day before his bail hearing, to report on complaints that Sandusky has been watching school children from his back porch. Currently under house arrest, the former coach's home is adjacent to a local park and near an elementary school.

In the middle of the interview, Brennan abruptly stopped talking and walked out of the camera shot. That's when Dottie Sandusky's SUV came speeding into frame and went roaring up her driveway.

Brennan told Pittsburgh's WKST-FM 96.1 that Sandusky's wife "revved her engine at us before she came flying up the hill into her driveway."

The family's attorney, Joseph Amendola, he of the "hygiene defense theory," did stop to talk to the news crew. When asked by the WPXI reporter about the latest allegations, Amendola responded saying that children will often take a shortcut through the yard and that his client "is out there on occasion" when this happens.

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