Jerry Kill’s wife hit the recruiting trail with her husband


Jerry Kill made national headlines last year after suffering a seizure on the sidelines of Minnesota's Sept. 10 loss to New Mexico State, and after several other seizures he still hasn't completely recovered.

So Kill had to do something a little unorthodox while out recruiting his 2012 class — bring his wife just in case he had an episode while recruiting.

"My wife had to travel with me because of the situation I'm in," Kill said. "That's the deal. She came because of my health situation. We had to get it cleared with the NCAA. ... If I had a seizure, she knows what to do. She'd take care of it, and I'd go right back into recruiting. That's how that works."

Since that first major seizure, Kill and his wife, Rebecca, have been nearly inseparable. That's not because they're so madly in love with each other that they can't bear to be apart — though I'm sure the flame is still there — it's because Kill doesn't know when his next attack might strike.

In the days following the sidelines seizure, Kill said he had several more attacks. He also had a seizure on the team plane coming back from a game against Northwestern.

The unpredictability of his illness has also turned the coach into a permanent passenger in any car, a designation he's eager to ditch.

"I love my wife, she loves me, but we've been together enough right now," he said. "I'm a pretty (independent) person, so it's very difficult for me. ... I need to be seizure free here pretty quick so I can relax a little bit. My wife's got me under a microscope, that's what I'm telling you. It's a good thing. I love her to death."

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