Jay Paterno's candidacy for lieutenant governor challenged

Jay Paterno’s effort to become Pennsylvania lieutenant governor might be stopped before it starts.

Brad Koplinski, a Harrisburg, Penn., Democratic city councilman, told the Associated Press that he has retained a lawyer to challenge whether Paterno, also a Democrat, met the requirements to get on the primary election ballot mostly related to his nominating petitions.

Major party candidates for lieutenant governor need 1,000 signatures of registered party voters, including 100 from five different counties. Paterno said there wasn’t anything wrong with the way his signatures were gathered and that he oversaw the process himself.

Koplinski’s lawyer, Larry Otter, claims that while Paterno might have the 1,000 signatures, he’s doubtful he has the 100 needed from five different counties.

"I've reviewed them and in one word, they're terrible," Otter said.

Koplinski won the most votes of any candidate for lieutenant governor at the Democratic State Committee last month and would be the chief competition to Paterno, whose name is enough to carry weight in the state of Pennsylvania.

Paterno is the son of late famed late football coach Joe Paterno and is still extremely popular around the state despite having been away from college football for the past few years.

In order for any of the candidates to gain Democratic party support for lieutenant governor, the winning candidate would need two-thirds of the vote.

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