Jawan Jamison hits the circle button, unleashes a jaw-dropping spin move to seal Rutgers’ win

Jawan Jamison isn't Ray Rice, but he did a pretty good impression for Rutgers on Thursday night.

Rutgers got a nice 23-13 win at South Florida on Thursday night, with Jamison doing Rice-like things in workload (40 carries), production (147 yards) and a move that had to leave even the Ravens star doing a double take.

Jamison spun South Florida safety Mark Joyce into thin air with a move he had to have perfected by playing Madden football on the PlayStation over the years. Spin moves like that are usually reserved for video games because most human ankles aren't equipped to pull them off. The spin move was part of a 41-yard touchdown that sealed up the win for Rutgers. It was Jamison's third 100-yard game to start this season, his fourth straight going back to last year and fifth in his last six outings.

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But was that even the highlight of the night for Rutgers? Sure the Scarlet Knights got a nationally televised win to move to 3-0 and Jamison became a trending topic on Twitter because of his play, but what about those silver helmets? Pretty sweet look for Rutgers. And to paraphrase Deion Sanders: You look good, you play good.

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