James Franklin wants to you think about your life choices if you don’t pick Vandy

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin is excitable, and that's one thing we like about him. Sometimes he grabs the mascot after a win and sprints into a locker room to celebrate (good). Sometimes he says he doesn't hire an assistant coach before sizing up his wife (not so good).

We appreciate his style. In an era where bore is more, Franklin provides some interesting moments. Thank goodness.

So we're not going to get on him too much for trying to apparently send a general rah-rah message to recruits by placing Vanderbilt on a pedestal, even if it was getting some eyebrow raises on Twitter.

Yes, if you don't decide to go to Vanderbilt, you have settled in life. Hang your head in shame if you did not take that path, dear readers.

We know what Franklin was trying to say (we think), but it might come off to some the wrong way. Whatever Franklin is doing, it's hard to argue with the results. He just landed the No. 19 class in the nation according to Rivals, and that is new territory for the SEC's historical also-ran. Franklin is doing a great job building that program. Perhaps some public confidence and swagger is exactly what Vanderbilt needs.

We also know how he's building the program: by getting players who don't want to settle for one of those terrible other universities that the common folk attend.

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