James Franklin wants to offer you a Nutty Buddy (VIDEO)

Coach James Franklin is doing anything to get the word out about Vanderbilt football, even passing out ice cream to campus workers and passerbys.

On Wednesday, Franklin spent an hour handing out "Nutty Buddy's" and made it a competition with some of the other groups handing out delicious frozen treats.

"The Nutty Buddy's dominated the ice cream (giveaway). We killed the Creamsicle," Franklin said. "Everything we do for Vanderbilt football we try to compete and dominate, and we did that today."

It's no surprise he passed out the most treats, he was vocal and had a great sales pitch.

"The healthy choice is the Nutty Buddy," Franklin yelled out to the crowd. "Dairy, nuts, grains, and all the food groups represented.

"Nutritious and delicious."

Franklin, much like a politician campaigning, wants to get people excited about Vanderbilt football and show that the football coaches are just like everyone else. Franklin even said he and his staff would be willing to attend your backyard party if it got you to the stadium on Saturday.

"We've only been here 18 months so it's still an opportunity to come out here and interact with the campus and interact with the community," Franklin said. "Whatever we have to do to sell our program. We'll go to backyard parties and blow up balloons. We haven't turned down a speaking engagement yet."

So, Vandy fans (and college football fans in general), where do you want to see Franklin next?

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