James Franklin stops press conference to show fan some love

Jay Busbee
Dr. Saturday

Postgame press conferences are usually fairly dull affairs; college football coaches make an opening statement, reporters ask questions about how pleased the coach was with the defensive effort, blah blah blah. So any time anything interesting happens, like a reporter passive-aggressively questioning a team's heart (and getting called out on it), everybody perks up.

Rarely is it this precious, though: Vanderbilt coach James Franklin stopping his press conference to hug a thankful Vandy fan. The fact that Vandy fans even existed up until recently is nothing short of amazing. The team has had only five winning seasons in the last half-century, with one of those coming in 2012, so of course they're going to be thankful when their team at last has some deserved success.

Between this and showing his affection for his players on the sideline, Franklin is fast establishing himself as the SEC's most loving coach. Hey, there are worse niches to have.

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