James Franklin stops to greet a homeless patron at Penn State coffee shop (Photo)

Can James Franklin do any wrong?

From the moment the newly-named Penn State coach stepped on campus, he has been making all the right moves and saying all the right things. It started with greeting two little girls behind a fence off the tarmac when his plane landed prior to his introductory press conference. Then it was jokes with players, appearances at volleyball banquets and selfies with students at a hockey game.

But this picture might top them all.

It’s Franklin grabbing a cup of coffee and shaking the hand of a homeless man on his way out the door.

And this, apparently, is no ordinary homeless man. According to The School Philly, he’s infamous. The website refers to him as “McLanaMAN” because he’s often seen outside of Penn State staple, McLanahan’s. The website referred to him when it was chronicling its “Top 8 Things You Learn to Appreciate at Penn State.”

Who knows if Franklin knew of this man’s popularity or if this was just another in a series moves that have made Franklin the darling of State College. In either case, we think it’s pretty cool.

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