James Franklin offers to call fan’s boss so he doesn’t miss Vanderbilt opener

Dr. Saturday

Twitter user and Vanderbilt alum JD had a problem: He was excited to watch his Commodores take on Ole Miss in the Thursday night opener later this month, but he was scheduled to work. He did what most of us do in these situations, and asked for advice with a tweet:

Now, I'm not sure what kind of advice JD expected to get, but I will predict he did not expect Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin to offer a potential solution:

They then exchanged the necessary details, because you don't become a head football coach in the SEC without being very thorough:

And now we wait for word on whether JD's boss will reschedule his shift so he doesn't miss a clash between Franklin and Ole Miss' Hugh Freeze, another rising star in the SEC coaching ranks. The whole exchange proves that whether you are an alum or an unborn child with a chance of football potential, Franklin is there to promote his university.

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