Jameis Winston thinks his scholarship is enough, doesn't want to be paid while in school

(Jameis Winston)

Jameis Winston

(Jameis Winston)

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is not in favor of being paid to play college football.

The reigning Heisman Trophy winner and national champion said he thinks what the university is currently offering him is enough.

OK, go ahead an make your jokes about stealing crab legs, everyone else on the Internet already has.

Though it is interesting that a player who helped make his university millions and millions of dollars last season based on his likeness, his jersey sales and his play has no qualms about not seeing a dime kicked back to him.

Lucky for other marketable NCAA players, the power conference commissioners see differently and have plans to provide cost-of-attendance scholarships and discuss other benefits for elite athletes should the power conferences gain the autonomy to do so.

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