Jameis Winston said he wants to be better than Bo Jackson before FSU PR people cut his media session short

At a Friday afternoon media session before Saturday night’s Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York, each of the finalists were asked questions about their candidacy and their seasons, including Florida State’s Jameis Winston – the favorite to win the award.

Early on, Winston was asked about playing two sports (he plays baseball at Florida State too), and he said that he wants to be better than Bo Jackson, the Auburn star who went on to play in the NFL and MLB.

Soon after, the inevitable questions about being accused of a sexual assault were asked, and the Florida State public relations people were not too pleased about that. According to tweets from several media members, FSU’s SID cut Winston’s session short due to the “line of questioning” from a few reporters.

The other candidates apparently faced multiple rounds of questioning from reporters. Winston was whisked away quickly.

While understandable, that is kind of an odd strategy for the Florida State people to take. Winston has shown all season that he is very poised and outgoing toward the media. He has shown that he can answer tough questions. The questions about the investigation are inevitable, so why not take them head on?

About ten minutes after Winston was pulled away, he was brought back out for more questioning after the SID said there was a miscommunication about the media sessions. When brought back out, Winston was apparently asked a direct question about the investigation and handled it well.

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