Jameis Winston and Jimbo Fisher’s son have a special secret handshake (Video)

If you missed the beginning of the Florida State-Miami game, then you probably missed one of the most entertaining and interesting pregame rituals we’ve seen this season.

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston and Jimbo Fisher’s son, Trey, apparently have a secret handshake and it was caught on camera prior to the contest.

It’s hard to describe all the nuances of it, but the ending included some yelling and what looks like Winston shooting Trey with a pretend machine gun.

Wait, what? Um, might want to consider taking that last part out, especially with the shooting at LAX on Friday and other shootings that have occurred in this country recently.

But hey, it’s all fun and games, right? Trey shoots first; Winston is only responding. And Winston is such a great guy and so charismatic and a Heisman Trophy candidate. He's just pretending to shoot his coach's 12-year-old son. And it's only kinda weird that the whole thing is happening while Winston's teammates are praying at their feet.

We'll look the other way.

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