Jameis Winston did not want to talk about not talking during sexual assault case investigation (VIDEO)

Following Florida State's demolition of Duke in the ACC title game Saturday night, ESPN sideline reporter Heather Cox had the opportunity to ask FSU quarterback Jameis Winston about the sexual assault case investigation that had hung over Winston and Florida State for the past month.

On Wednesday, Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs announced that Winston would not be charged in the incident from December of 2012 after his office did not have enough evidence to charge Winston after concluding its investigation.

Winston handled the first questions from Cox well. There was no sign of annoyance and he quickly spun the answers about Florida State's goals as a team. But when Cox asked him about his silence during the investigation -- Winston declined to reveal his side of the story throughout the month -- Winston simply walked off.

If he didn't want to answer the question, that was the right move. Standing there silently with an odd stare would have been awkward as would have been suddenly snapping and not answering cheerfully. And Winston's teammates were celebrating behind and all around him anyway, he had a built-in excuse of wanting to get to the celebration.

Florida State will meet Auburn on Jan. 6 in Pasadena for the BCS Championship, and Winston will likely win the Heisman Trophy on December 15.

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