Jameis Winston accuser’s family attorney disputes consensual sex claim: ‘This was a rape’

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The lawyer for the alleged victim in the sexual assault case against Jameis Winston says the encounter between her client and the Florida State quarterback was not consensual.

"To be clear, the victim did not consent. This was a rape," attorney Patricia Carroll said in a statement released to media Friday night.

(Here is the statement in its entirety)

The statement was in response to Winston’s lawyer, Tim Jansen, saying the sex between the accuser and the accused was “absolutely” consensual. Jansen made the comment during a press conference following an ESPN.com report that Winston’s DNA matched the DNA found on the alleged victim’s clothing.

Prior to DNA evidence surfacing, Jansen had not said the sex was consensual and hadn’t really said much about the encounter as a whole.

“Jansen said the DNA leak damaged his client’s reputation. Why would a consensual encounter damage his client’s reputation,” Carroll asked in her statement. “However, a rape would certainly damage his client’s reputation.

“The ‘consent defense’ is too little too late and is clearly reactive damage control by Jansen after learning the DNA matched his client.”

Carroll also makes sure to attack one of the sticking points in the police report – the height discrepancy. In the police report, the alleged victim claims someone 5-foot-9 to 5-11 attacked her. Winston is 6-4.

"DNA is not 5'9" to 5'11", DNA is Jameis Winston,” Carroll said.

Winston has not been charged and continues to be the starting quarterback at Florida State. Florida State’s Attorney Willie Meggs said he would have a decision soon as to whether his office planned to charge Winston. He also noted that his office would not bring charges unless it felt there was enough evidence for a potential conviction.

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