Jadeveon Clowney highlight video will get you pumped up for college football if you have a pulse

Dr. Saturday

Jadeveon Clowney is a rare case of a No. 1 overall recruit who has lived up to the hype.

Whether he can top his already growing legend during the 2013 remains to be seen, but it's probably wise to not bet against him.

In preparation of Clowney's victory lap before becoming the top pick of the 2014 NFL draft, South Carolina has posted a phenomenal video of the superhuman defensive end. The video, posted above, makes us sad that the start of college football is still more than four months away.

The headline above is not accurate. Left tackles in the SEC will not be fired up after watching this video. The rest of us can enjoy one of the most unblockable defensive players we've seen in a long time in college football.

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