Jadeveon Clowney would have considered staying in college for another season if he was paid

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If college athletes received compensation past scholarships, would more consider staying in school as long as possible before leaving for the pros?

Jadeveon Clowney would. The South Carolina DE declared for the NFL draft immediately following the Gamecocks' Capital One Bowl win over Wisconsin on Jan. 1, but told Jim Rome Wednesday that he would "probably" have stayed in college for another season if he would have had the opportunity to provide for his family.

Yes, you can count Clowney in on the "college athletes should be paid" bandwagon.

"I think so," Clowney said. "(Schools) are selling jerseys with your number, and people making money off of ticket sales and all, I think college athletes should get paid."

Compensation for athletes is at the centerpiece of discussions the NCAA is having, and changes could be made to the system as soon as this summer. However, any changes won't rival the overall value of being a high NFL draft pick. OT Lane Johnson, the No. 4 overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, signed for four years and almost $20 million. That's about the neighborhood where Clowney is expected to be selected in May's draft.

Clowney's definitely not alone, either. In January, Texas A&M's Jay Arnold voiced his support for pay-for-play for college athletes and on Wednesday, hearings began with the National Labor Relations Board about Northwestern football players' attempts to unionize.

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