A.J. McCarron’s giant chest tattoo is real, and it is…spectacular?

Dr. Saturday

If you (like me) were unconvinced by the tightly cropped, unverifiable pics of what purported to be Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron's oversized back tattoo that began floating around last week, you were right to be skeptical. Because it turns out the tat is actually on his chest:

That's McCarron in Orange Beach, Ala., reportedly posing with the cousin of a 'Bama message boarder over the holiday weekend. And while he may still be battling for the starting job in Tuscaloosa, when it comes to ill-considered torso ink among SEC quarterbacks, clearly he is No. 1. Even the returning conference champion, Tennessee's Tyler Bray, must bow to an effort that sees his respect for the family name, and raises him:

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• An adolescent nickname ("Bama Boy"),
• The names of five other family members,
• A "family shield" of sorts,
• An olive branch-wielding dove,
And, the piece d'resistance,
• A weeping, thorn-crowned Christ.

Add it up, and you have everything a Crimson Tide fan could want in a quarterback: The home-grown loyalty of Brodie Croyle, the overt faith of Jay Barker, the questionable judgment of Ken Stabler, all in one elegant improbable package. Now, he just needs a full-back homage to the Bear, and the boy is in business.

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